Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Quick, Long Update! Haha...

Well... I have completely failed in keeping this blog updated. Sorry about that. I'll try to hit on the key things that have happened since my last post.

December 2016: Jeff graduated from HVAC school. My mom and I managed to make to Texas to surprise him for his graduation. So that was pretty freaking awesome! :) I started my first legitimate job for the first time in about 5 or 6 years at as a gas station attendant as well.
My mom and my foster dad both celebrated birthdays at the begining on the month.

January: Nothing exciting happened in January that I can remember.

February: Jeff and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary! It was a beautiful weekend. He got us a nice hotel in Raleigh and planned an entire weekend of nice dinners, massages, the circus, horseback riding, and a fun park. :) It was a GREAT weekend!
I also began my Real Estate Licensing classes. I also was forced to quit working at the gas station because my boss refused to work with my class schedule even though I informed her before I was hired that I would need a schedule change in Feb.

March: I finished my Real Estate classes. Passed the course with flying colors! And very much enjoyed it.
My baby sister, Hannah, had her 13th birthday and my foster mom celebrated another birthday as well!

April: I took my state and national Real Estate licensing test and passed on my first try! I am now a licensed provisional broker; however, I am not on active status and cannot practice real estate until and unless I activate and work under a BIC.
Jeff's mom and dad were also down to visit in April. They helped us get so much done on our kitchen remodel!
My baby sister, Kassy, turned 11!
Jeff also experienced his first dog bite encounter while at work.
And we attended the CF Walk with our awesome friend Amy.

May: My good friend, Kayla, flew down to NC from MN and spent a week with us. We managed to stick a beach day in there with my mom.
We celebrated Jeff's 23rd birthday on the 19th with grandma and grandpa Goff who drove to visit from Arizona. Unfortunately, they were in an accident on their way, but thankfully they were close enough when it happened that we were able to get to them. We enjoyed a few days with them and took them to the Mayberry Farm Festival in Mount Airy while they were with us.
And my dad turned a whole year older as well! <3

June: I was called for an interview at Bahnson. Less than a week later I was called back for a second interview and one week after that I was called with a job offer! I accepted the offer and I have not been disappointed! I absolutely love my job!
My younger brother, Lucas, also chose to move to NC in June and we celebrated his 23rd birthday... HAPPY SISTER! :)
Even though some good things happened in June, I also experienced two significant losses. My paternal grandmother passed away and my dear friend, Megan, also passed away. :(
Jeff's mom and dad also can down to visit again and worked more on our kitchen remodel.

July: I was hospitalized for the first time in July in almost an entire year! July 16th would have been a year of no hospital stays, but July 7th I ended up in the ED with a GI bleed, which turned out to be bleeding ulcers. I was in the hospital for about a week with that, but manage to get sprung the day before my 25th birthday! We celebrated my birthday (and my one year of no CF related hospital stays) on my birthday.
We also got a motorcycle in July! And my older brother, Nick turned 27!

August: We spent much of August just working and preparing for our trip to Indiana and Minnesota. We got to go to a Lynyrd Skynyrd, Hank Jr, and Aaron Lewis concert, which was awesome! Got to see the solar eclipse.
And my sister, Stephanie, turned 16!!!

September: Jeff and I began our vacation journey on the first. Unfortunately, we broke down in Ohio. :( Thankfully, Jeff's dad, Bruce, and his friend Wayne were able to rescue us! (We like to say we got rescued by Batman, because, ya know.... Bruce Wayne?!?!?!) We towed the truck the rest of the way to IN, but we were unable to make up to MN. :( We got the truck fixed the day before we had to leave, but we were able to enjoy our time in IN with family and friends even though I wasn't feeling well. We packed up and headed home on the 10th.
And I ended up in the ED on the 11th with severe shortness of breath. Turns out I have Pneumonia. :( So I am currently in the hospital in Sanford waiting on a bed opening at UNC.

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