Saturday, October 25, 2014

What's Happened???

It's definitely been a while since I've updated here! So, I'll try to recap everything that's happened since July 16...

Justin was FINALLY discharged from the Army! July 25, 2014, was his last day. There were definitely a lot of mixed emotions that day. Joy, anger, fear, sadness, anxiety, relief. Much of the decision for him getting out was made because of my health status. There's definitely benefits and drawbacks to being in a military family. Waking up to the sound of artillery booming and my windows rattling at 7am wasn't always my idea of a pleasant wake-up call. Hearing the phone ring on his day off, calling for Justin to be on post in an hour for formation in uniform. So many new things you, as a military spouse, have to get used to.
Stephanie and me taking selfies!

I was so blessed to be able to have flown to Minnesota at the end of August to catch my little sister, Stephanie's, 13th birthday! I planned on stay just a week and a half; however, I ended up being in MN for just under a month as I get too sick to fly back to North Carolina without having a tune up first. I was admitted to the U of MN with extremely low PFTs and O2 levels. My weight was also very low. I was running high fevers and very dehydrated. I spend about a week and a half to two weeks in the hospital up there before leaving to come back home.

Its was a bittersweet goodbye to my baby sisters, my baby brother, and my foster parents. I may have shed a few tears after Jennifer pulled away from the curb at the airport drop off. The time that I was able to enjoy up in MN was full of love and laughter. I loved watching the girls ride at their horse shows and going to the state fair with everyone. It was great watching Ryan compete at the fair with saddle club. On a positive note, we were able to convince my younger brother, Lucas, to come back to Carolina with me. :)

Lucas and me at the airport, waiting to board.
Let's see... what else has happened... I can't think of any other major events that have taken place since.

Currently, I am in the hospital. I was a direct admit from clinic on Friday (a week ago). My lung function, O2, and weight are all down. I was still running low grade temps upon admission, but they have now subsided. I am also having some more severe GI issues as of today. My doctors are consulting with the gastroenterology doctors on Monday. I'm hoping to still be able to get discharged by Friday.
Reading to Diesel :)

The fur babies are both doing well. Mator and Diesel are two peas in a pod. Diesel is a "monkey see, monkey do" kind of dog. Always trying to copy Mator. Both are big bums and will curl up next to Justin or me anytime there's an inviting opportunity.

That's about all I've got for everyone this evening. Hope to update y'all again soon!